Digital & Media Literacy

The courses within the master’s program at the Knight School of Communication at Queens University of Charlotte are deeply rooted in digital and media literacy.  Almost every course has digital and media literacy included in some facet.  The digital literacy project that I conducted about relational development through social media is an excellent example of work that is related to a specific communication initiative and audience.  This project focuses on how radio station listeners develop connections with radio station brands via social media.

Another example within a specific communication initiative for branding for radio stations in conjunction with the social creation of organizing.  This is where I highlighted the findings and implications of the subject matter. 

A great example of directly targeting a specific communication audience can be review in my Textual Analysis introduction and rationale blog.  The audience was the listeners of the Charlotte, NC radio market, and the theoretical framework involved the radio station’s brand. 

Textual Analysis introduction and rationale blog