Ethical Consideration

I had the opportunity to guide a group led discussion with classmate Dan Bader.  Our subject matter was about “Cultural Identity Projected in the Virtual World.”  This project best highlights an ethical scenario that is related to communication and advocates a specific course of action.  In terms of ethical consideration, we felt that the case study of reveled the lack of digital access universally for those disabilities.  In having deaf parents this discussion was very important to me because of my overall concern about digital inequality, inclusions, and exclusions.  Here are our discussion summary and prompts which include an introduction, video introduction, case study video, case study questions, and agenda.

Another example is my Vlog presentation and review of the textbook Intercultural Communication Ethics: Before the Conversation Begins under the topic of Culture Shock.

A great source of personal discovery within communication ethics literacy was with a blog entry, which was a review of the balance of life.  In this blog, I discovered that I could increase my communication ethics literacy by using the practice metaphor of the philosophy of communication in the “why.”

Blog – Communication ethics literacy and the balance of life