Global Awareness

I believed that I was a globally aware person because I think it is vital to have an understanding of people from other backgrounds, cultures, values, and beliefs.  However, my courses demonstrated that I was not aware of the larger picture of global awareness.  It also involves an understanding of how key areas affect the world, such as politics, the environment, social, cultural, and economical.  Learning about the digital divide was eye-opening for me.  I believed that everyone had equal access, but there is a “gap between those who do and those who do not have access to computers and the internet” (Miller, 2011, p. 98). 


Miller, V. (2011). Understanding Digital Culture. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

Here are examples of my work within the exploration of communication situations or problems from a global perspective.

My short paper on Convergence and Communities is where I examined the personal and professional online representation within spaces of inclusion and exclusion of my cultural expectations. 

An international issue is weather and global warming.  I explored the global enterprise of CNN news and an article about England archaeological site Star Carr.  The purpose for examination was to provide an overview of the issues, site the missing voices, expose articles commentary, and identify the sacred spaces. 

Examination of an England Archaeological site

The global issues of the gender gap in the media has become more prominent. In this inquiry project I researched the overall themes of the gender gap issues within the various medias. The purpose of this paper was to bring awareness to the issue.